Social Media: The Good and the Bad

Social media has opened up a whole new world. What is the key to getting ahead in this world: utilize social media. It is now the way to find your dream job, keep in touch with people you have met around the world, show people the ideal you, and find good music, recipes, and creative ideas. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, the list continues and each site claims a unique approach. How can we navigate through the social media world without being consumed by it? I believe that we must embrace the good and recognize the bad.

What are some of the good points of social media? It can be used for education. This is the objective of GoodOfAll. People are able to demonstrate their values, opinions, and what they believe to be important for all. Social media has also been used to start and carry on social movements. This is evident in Nigeria where citizens are challenging the government to intervene in the case where Boko Haram kidnapped over two hundred schoolgirls by using the hashtag BringBackOurGirls. Finally, social media is great for networking – it is the way to find jobs presently. One must learn to connect with people who can provide them with the position they are looking for. Many employers refer to LinkedIn more than do to a person’s actual resume.

What are some of the negative points of social media? It has been used for the purposes of bullying and gossiping. It consumes much of our time. Americans spend an average of 7.6 hours per month on social media. We can also become desensitized to subjects that matter. For example, when we see an article describing hundreds of people who have died in a battle, it can be so easy to scroll down and look at the picture of your friend and what he or she ate for lunch that day. Social media also promotes excessive consumption. We are exposed to hundreds of ads displayed on each website we visit. All of them are telling us that what we already have is not good enough; therefore, we need to buy something new. It has also especially impacted teenage girls who struggle with body image.

Weighing the cost and benefits, I believe we should utilize social media, but refrain as much as we can from the negative aspects of it. Let’s use our liberty and discretion to promote good practices of social media.


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